We are one of the most respected and valued construction companies on the globe. 4X4 construction provides construction services not in the USA but globally. Our clients rely on a number of professional construction services that we have mastered through our experience over the years.

Our focus and dedication in the wide range construction services we offer is unmatched in the industry. We have had satisfied clients who always come back for repeat assignments which make up a huge bulk of our work.

Our exceptional experts use the most advanced technologies together with our own in-house expertise to deliver expert services for every unique project. Our service packages are flexible to meet the requirements and needs of the client in the most efficient method based the project objectives, budget, and schedule.

We offer the following services as part of our construction services to meet the goals of our clients:

General Contracting

We deliver all kinds of construction projects successfully no matter the location, scale or scope to the satisfaction of the client. We meet unique client requirements through our expertise in:

  • engeneeringPlanning and Developments
  • Project Budgeting
  • Initial estimations
  • Site Survey
  • Engineering
  • Purchasing and Supplies
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Management

Construction Management

4×4 Construction company offers efficient and cost-effective project management services every kind of construction project. We understand what sort of coordination and planning is required to ensure a project is successful from start-to-finish. We always have the client’s needs at heart to transform their concepts into a reality at the most affordable cost.

The project management services we offer at 4×4 construction are not the same as the construction services.  The success of any construction project is highly dependent on the pre-construction stage. We apply the most advanced technology and a systematic approach to cut costs.

The following are some of our services:

Project-PlanningContract Development

Project Cost Management

Project Subcontracting

Project Planning

Document control

Schedule Management

Quality Assurance

Safety Management