4X4 Construction Company is a complete service general contractor providing construction building and management. Our business has earned a great reputation throughout the USA when it comes to construction because of excellent performance and integrity.

All in all at 4X4 Construction we are very clear in our goals to surpass the expectations of our clients. Our excellence in building innovative projects together with our integrity has made our reputation strong leading to long-term partnerships with our customers.

We are the best at what we do!

The 4×4 Approach



We believe that every project has its own unique challenges. Therefore, we assign a specific team of experts who have the unique expertise to get the job done successfully. It is not just about the project schedule or deadline it is about satisfying the client’s interest.


Through innovation and technology, we ensure that every project costs efficient and that the client is involved at every stage of the project. Our clients are constantly updated on the progress of the project from wherever they may be through digital images, video conferencing etc in real time. This is part of our quality assurance strategy.



Timely Completion On-Budget

Clients are not just seeking new buildings they want more business opportunities. Recognizing this fact is important in developing a strong relationship with the client. When it comes it project budget planning and project scheduling 4×4 Construction has the experience and expertise needed to deliver successful projects on time.



Delivering successful construction projects needs a number of highly qualified experts with a wide range of expertise. We have the experts with specific expertise for every unique project providing innovative and cost-effective solutions.



At 4×4 construction, we believe in outstanding work. Our commitment to excellence from planning to implementation is unwavering. We never compromise on quality to meet the client’s requirements. We are simply outstanding and our work clearly speaks for itself.