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4×4 construction Company is the leading construction company in Phoenix, Arizona. We provide a complete range of construction services from site analysis, construction design, interior and exterior fittings, building infrastructure upgrades or modernization.

Construction is not just about the building it involves so much more. It is your organization’s growth platform. It could it be a serene environment where patients come for healing. A place from which the visions of an entrepreneur are transformed into reality. You have entrusted a lot more than a building to the company handling your construction. You need a dependable partner whose can translate your perspectives into a facility you can take pride in.

At 4X4 construction, we understand that a great building is not just concerned about concrete but about people. We aim to be a reliable partner and trustworthy contractor providing expert advice to our clients. Our pride comes when we see our clients achieve their own success through our building’s success.

As the top construction company in Arizona, our construction experts have delivered building projects including Health Care and Education facilities, Hotels, Office buildings for corporations, Residential property etc. Our reputation of being our reliable, honest and high integrity invaluable. We firmly believe in the core values we have mentioned because they lead to long-term partnerships. Our dedication to our clients is evident in the quality of our construction services.

Mission and Values

Our success can be attributed to our commitment and dedication to delivering practical and creative solutions that meet our client’s needs. We have relied on the following core values ever since 4×4 construction company came into existence:

  • picExcellence
  • Innovation
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Collaboration
  • Client Dedication

Through our practical experience, we constantly redefine our business practices. We have a healthy relationship with our clients which has come from the strong partnership and collaboration we believe in. Our clients rely on our construction services for current and future projects.



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Apartment Building Fencing Project in San Antonio

x4annonc8:05 am

We successfully installed a fence for an apartment building in San Antonio. Our client was a local property management firm. The fence was supposed to be installed not only for security reasons but also to increase the property value and beauty. We chose ornamental fencing for the project because it is one of the most appropriate fencing methods for commercial buildings such as apartment buildings. The ornamental fence is usually made of metal such as aluminum, wrought iron or steel. It is perfect for security purposes and aesthetic appeal. It is durable making it ideal for both neighborhoods and businesses.

Apartment BuildingApartment buildings normally need to stand out and provide privacy as well. Ornamental fences are strong and available in a variety of thickness and heights. Commercial applications such as apartment buildings require large, tall tubes having thick walls. Since the apartment buildings are usually very busy areas and people are likely to lean or hang on them. Therefore, the fence must be strong enough to support the stress as a result of weight.

Apart from the strength and security the ornamental fence has an aesthetic appeal. It makes the property look good and increase in value something that the property management firm is concerned about.

The following are the benefits of using ornamental fencing for apartment buildings:

Security and Versatility

Besides apartment buildings, ornamental fences are a perfect choice for other kinds of property such as office blocks and residential buildings. They are great for increasing privacy and security within the apartment complex. They can even fence off pool areas to ensure the safety of children and pets.


Apartment buildings need a fence that can withstand stress such as extreme weather conditions and weight. Ornamental fences last long due to their strength and durability. They do not deteriorate and require very little maintenance. The fence remains beautiful even as the years come and go.

Aesthetic appeal.

Apartment buildings that need to stand out to attract clients must install ornamental fences. This is because of the aesthetic appeal that they add to any property. Clients also feel more secure when they see an ornamental fence. The metal can be designed as desired to achieve beautiful decorations improve the landscape and look of the apartment complex.

Increase Property Value

The aim of our client was not only to secure the apartment building but also to increase its worth. Ornamental fencing increases the appeal for property instantly raising the value through style and beauty.

Corrosion Resistant

Since ornamental fences are made from materials that do not rust it remains in perfect condition all through the years. It was the best choice for the apartment since the level of maintenance requires was minimal.

We successfully completed the fencing project for the apartment building on time and within budget. Check out how beautiful and functional the fencing project was done in our portfolio.

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Refinishing Hardwood Floors

x4annonc6:05 am

Hardwood floors make the home beautiful, charming and warm. However, hardwood floors need great care since scratches, dents and wear can make their beauty fade away with time significantly lowering their value. Floors naturally get worn out with continued use. In case, you find that your floor needs more than just cleaning then it is time to for refinishing the hardwood floor.

Refinishing hardwood floors is not only expensive but it also takes a long time. This is not your typical DIY project because it involves dangerous chemicals, heavy dust, and sanders. Safety precautions must be observed during the process to avoid skin contact or inhaling of toxic chemicals and dust. It is best to call the professionals to handle the task.

Hardwood FloorsNevertheless, fully comprehending the refinishing process is still beneficial. There are a number of factors that make people decide to refinish hardwood floors. Could be you simply want a color upgrade to match your new furniture or accessories. You can breathe in some new life into old worn out floors through refinishing.

The choice of floor finish is critical before embarking on hardwood floor refinishing. There are two kinds of floor finish materials either oil or water based finish. They both preserve hardwood floors efficiently increasing the longevity. However, oil-based finishes are more convenient to apply.

You need to contact the professionals prior to beginning the floor refinishing process. The rooms that require floor refinishing will need to be empty. The floor refinishing process involves a lot of dust so the rooms have to be protected using plastic. Floor vents must also be sealed from the dust.

After emptying the rooms of furniture and other stuff then now you can inspect the floor for loose floor board, cracks or any other damages. Before the sanding can start these will have to be replaced. Check the hardwood floor for exposed nails which could destroy sanding equipment. You can hire a cleaning company to clean the floor thoroughly. You can learn more about the inspection process at this site on house cleaning in phoenix.

After completing the floor inspection now vacuum it thoroughly and mop the floor over using mineral spirits to eliminate dirt and dust. Once the floor is thoroughly clean and debris the sanding process can begin.

Select a sanding grit that is not too abrasive to avoid destroying the hardwood floor by sanding down too much. Sand carefully until you achieve a very smooth hardwood floor surface. Safety is paramount during the hardwood floor finishing process. Ensure you and your team have worn protective gear such as ear plugs, dust masks, protective eyeglasses etc. Anybody involved in the floor refinishing must have this gear.

Sand slowly and carefully, you should not move too fast or push too hard so that the floor becomes even. While floor sanding, remember to go along the grain.

Vacuum any dust remnants after completing the sanding process in all the areas where the dust has settled down such as window sills, door frames etc. The finish is still wet at this point and you do not want the dust to settle on it before it dries because it will end up with a gritty look and feel that is unprofessional.

Now it is time to apply the finish on the floor. Ensure it has no air bubbles because they will be visible in the wet finish destroying the polished look. Apply the finish along the grain using either a synthetic fur  or lamb wool brush.

Give the hardwood floor a perfect gloss by applying polish or a clear sealer over the dry finish. This will make the refinished floor future scratch-proof. However, this is entirely optional. If you followed every step then you should end up with a clear floor with no brushing line marks or scratches.

Hardwood floors need refinishing periodically after 5 or 10 years depending on wear and tear as a result of the constant use. The whole process could take up to a week and during that time proper room ventilation must be observed.

A refinished hardwood floor will make the home much more vibrant and increase its worth. The floors need good maintenance and good preservation for increased longevity.

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Choosing the best interior designer

x4annonc6:07 am

Every interior designer brings his or her own personal touch to any construction project. However, the basic principles of interior design are usually the same. Even if you have plans of upgrading or remodeling on your own or you would like to go over a few ideas before discussing with your interior designer the following are some of the factors you should consider for any interior design procedure.

You can remodel your living spaces based on the following interior design principles. These principles can be blended to achieve the desired outcomes arousing drama and interest.


Subdivide-the-LandSpace refers to the building, room or area that  you want to work with. If you are constructing a new house or building then you have more freedom to come up with a custom design for your space. In case, it is a space that already exists then you can only make a few design modifications however the basic room dimensions will have to be considered in the entire design.


Light is an integral part of any interior design process that most people ignore. Lighting design starts with space before adding other attractive accessories. When design spaces you must consider the natural light it that is received during daytime. Lighting also depends on the room function a good design must blend the room task and lighting mood. The amount of light in a room will determine the mood of the room at different times of the day. An appealing interior design will take lighting into account.


Large rooms and small rooms require totally different design principle  approaches.  You will want to check the room planes and angles. They can be enhanced to achieve a blend of soft or round furnishing. There is a lot you can do with larger spaces such as having bigger furniture and pieces of art   to get rid of the emptiness. However, when it comes to smaller spaces you do not want to end with a confused, cluttered untidy room. You can maintain architectural form by having furnishings with a similar shape.


The texture is what a room normally lacks after finishing all the beautiful decorations. Experienced designers understand what texture is all about and what it means to achieve a balance between rough and smooth or soft and hard. The texture keeps everything well layered and visually appealing. This is one area you need expert opinion fro a seasoned designer.


The color of space goes far beyond just the look. It determines the kind of mood or energy that the room needs. Whether you are looking for vibrancy or relaxation you can set it using color. The function of the room will determine the choice of color. Check out what different tones you can achieve with different colors.

Furniture and Objects

The furniture and objects make up the final pieces in the design puzzle. The function is key when selecting furniture. Exceptional furniture enhances the beauty and aesthetics of space. The objects tell a personal story about the whole design.

You will find most of these elements invaluable when doing any interior design for any kind of space.

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